Stained Glass in Wales | Gwydr Lliw yng Nghymru
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The artworks on this Catalogue are subject indexed using the Iconclass Classification System.


61B2(ALFRED THE GREAT) King Alfred the Great (848/9-899) 1015 works.
61B2(CHARLES I) King Charles I of England 885 works.
61B2(EDWARD STAFFORD) Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham 835 works.
61B2(EDWARD VII) King Edward VII (1841-1910) 1097 works.
61B2(GERALD OF WALES) Gerald of Wales (Giraldus Cambrensis) 1044 works.
61B2(HENRY DE GOWER) Bishop Henry de Gower 884 works.
61B2(HENRY VII) Henry Tudor, King Henry VII of England 922 works.
61B2(HUMPHREY DE BOHUN) Humphrey de Bohun 994 works.
61B2(JOHN FISHER) Bishop John Fisher 1074 works.
61B2(JOHN PLESSINGTON) John Plessington (c. 1637-1679) 617 works.
61B2(JOHN WILLIAMS) Archbishop John Williams 1008 works.
61B2(LOUIS IX) Louis IX of France, St Louis 1087 works.
61B2(NENNIUS) Nennius 1086 works.
61B2(PHILIP POWELL) Philip Powell 452 works.
61B2(RICHARD I) King Richard I of England 1119 works.
61B2(VENERABLE BEDE) the Venerable Bede 932 works.
61B2(WILLIAM MARSHALL) William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke 626 works.
61B2(WILLIAM SALESBURY) William Salesbury 451 works.

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