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73E3 appearances of Christ after the Resurrection

73E3 appearances of Christ after the Resurrection 2 works.
73E31 Mary Magdalene meets the Risen Christ; 'Noli me tangere' 61 works.
73E32 Christ, perhaps dressed as a pilgrim, appearing to his mother, who is usually shown praying 1 work.
73E33 Christ appearing to the holy women, usually the three Maries 3 works.
73E34 the journey to Emmaus: two disciples (Cleopas and Peter) under way 5 works.
73E343 the supper at Emmaus: Christ is recognized while blessing or breaking the bread 18 works.
73E352 Christ showing his wounds to the apostles 1 work.
73E36 the incredulity of Thomas 8 works.
73E37 appearance of Christ by the Sea of Tiberius: miraculous draught of fishes (after the Resurrection) 7 works.
73E376 mission of Peter ('Pasce oves meas') 44 works.

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