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The artworks on this Catalogue are subject indexed using the Iconclass Classification System.


73D6 the crucifixion of Christ: Christ's death on the cross; Golgotha 13 works.
73D61(+122) comprehensive representations of the events on Golgotha during Christ's hanging on the cross, no particular event emphasized (+ Christ not bearded) 1 work.
73D622 soldiers throwing dice for Christ's seamless garment - Christ's death on the cross 3 works.
73D625*A John comforts Mary or leads her to his home after the crucifixion. 8 works.
73D625*B Mary and John below the empty cross with symbols of the Passion 1 work.
73D625*C Women watching the crucifixion from a distance - the crucifixion of Christ 1 work.
73D6251 'woman, behold, your son ...' - saying of Christ on the cross 3 works.
73D631 the centurion confessing his belief in Christ; sometimes the soldiers do the same - the crucifixion of Christ: Christ's death on the cross 5 works.
73D633 Longinus pierces Christ's side with a lance - the crucifixion of Christ 2 works.
73D641 Crucified Christ with Mary and John on either side of the cross; Holy Rood 133 works.
73D641(+5) crucified Christ with Mary and John on either side of the cross; Holy Rood (+ donor(s), supplicant(s) 1 work.
73D6411 Mary and John close together; sometimes Mary swooning - crucified Christ 2 works.
73D642 crucified Christ with Mary Magdalene, who usually weeps and embraces the cross 6 works.
73D643 crucified Christ with Mary, John, and Mary Magdalene 62 works.
73D644 crucified Christ with Stephaton and/or Longinus 17 works.
73D646 Crucified Christ with other persons 14 works.
73D66 Christ on the cross on Golgotha (alone, without bystanders) 7 works.
73D661 the three crosses with the crucified, without bystanders 1 work.
73D672 (the skull or skeleton of) Adam at the foot of the cross of Christ - the crucifixion of Christ 4 works.
73D674 sun and moon in the sky at either side of the cross of Christ 27 works.
73D69 Joseph of Arimathaea asks Pilate for the body of Christ 1 work.

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