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73A (scenes from the life of) John the Baptist and Mary

73A(JOHN THE BAPTIST) series of scenes from the life of John the Baptist 2 works.
73A(MARY) series of scenes from the life of Mary 1 work.
73A11 annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias: while he is offering incense in the temple an angel (Gabriel) appears to him 2 works.
73A141 naming of John the Baptist; Zacharias writing John's name 2 works.
73A18 John the Baptist in the wilderness, usually accompanied by a lamb 1 work.
73A21 tree of Jesse: genealogical tree showing Christ's ancestors, sprouting from Jesse's loins 9 works.
73A2332 annunciation of the birth of Mary to Joachim by an angel 1 work.
73A2341 annunciation of the birth of Mary to Anna by an angel 1 work.
73A235 meeting of Anna and Joachim at the Golden Gate; they usually embrace or kiss each other (immaculate conception of Mary) 1 work.
73A2353 Joachim's thank-offering for Anna's pregnancy 1 work.
73A31 birth of Mary 1 work.
73A331 Anna teaching Mary to read 12 works.
73A34 dedication (or presentation) of Mary in the temple: she ascends the steps and is received by the high priest 1 work.
73A42 marriage of Mary and Joseph, 'Sposalizio': they are married by the high priest 1 work.
73A4241 Joseph at work in his carpenter's workshop 2 works.
73A52 the Annunciation: Mary, usually reading, is visited by the angel 102 works.
73A56 Mary conceiving Christ (the angel not present) 1 work.
73A6 the Visitation 14 works.
73A64 Mary magnifying the Lord ('Magnificat') 2 works.

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