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71E1 the book Exodus: story of Moses and Aaron

71E1123 Moses is exposed in the ark on the banks of the Nile; Miriam, Moses' sister, keeps watch 2 works.
71E1124 the finding of Moses: Pharaoh's daughter comes to bathe with her maidens in the river and discovers the child floating on the water 3 works.
71E1142 the burning bush - calling of Moses 3 works.
71E11422 Moses, kneeling before the bush and hiding his face, listens to God - calling of Moses 2 works.
71E117 the ten plagues of Egypt 1 work.
71E117313 celebration of the first Passover 2 works.
71E122 the Exodus - passage through the Red Sea 3 works.
71E1232 Miriam takes up a tambourine and dances; all the women follow her - journey of Israel to Mount Sinai 2 works.
71E1253 in the evening a large flock of quails flies into the Israelite camp - miracle of the manna and the quails 1 work.
71E1263*A water pours from the rock - Moses striking water from the rock 4 works.
71E12721 Moses sitting on a rock, arms held up by Aaron and Hur; the Amalekites are defeated 1 work.
71E1323 Mount Sinai is covered by a thick cloud, thunder and lightning 1 work.
71E1343 Moses receives the tables of the law from God 1 work.
71E1374 Moses comes down with the new tablets and is awaited by Aaron and the assembled people, who notice that 'his face is shining' 3 works.

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