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The artworks on this Catalogue are subject indexed using the Iconclass Classification System.

11Q7 public worship and liturgy of the Christian churches

11Q711 building of church 1 work.
11Q712 church (exterior) 31 works.
11Q712*A model of a church held by saint or donor figure 26 works.
11Q7129 ruin of church, monastery, etc 3 works.
11Q713 interior of church 1 work.
11Q71423 altarcross, crucifix 4 works.
11Q71428 censer - liturgical equipment of the church 6 works.
11Q71441 chalice 1 work.
11Q71483*A church bell (portable) 9 works.
11Q73124 marriage - Protestant service 2 works.
11Q732 the seven Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church 2 works.
11Q7321 baptism, christening ceremony - the first of the seven sacraments 10 works.
11Q73214 baptismal font 5 works.
11Q7322 confirmation - the second of the seven sacraments 2 works.
11Q7324 the Eucharist - the fourth of the seven sacraments 23 works.
11Q73241 the Eucharist - chalice bearing the Host 29 works.
11Q733 preaching 2 works.
11Q7441*A Te Deum Laudamus (Ambrosian Hymn) 10 works.
11Q75711 choir (in church) 2 works.

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