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The artworks on this Catalogue are subject indexed using the Iconclass Classification System.


11H(AELHAIARN) St Aelhaiarn 1167 works.
11H(ALBAN) St Alban, British Saint and Martyr 1151 works.
11H(ALOYSIUS GONZAGA) the Jesuit friar Aloysius Gonzaga 242 works.
11H(ANDREW) the apostle Andrew 823 works.
11H(ANTONY OF PADUA)51 to convince a Jew, St Antony of Padua leads an ass before the chalice and host; the ass kneels down 651 works.
11H(AUGUSTINE) Augustine, bishop of Hippo 861 works.
11H(BARNABAS) the apostle and martyr Barnabas of Cyprus, first bishop of Milan 224 works.
11H(BASIL THE GREAT) Basil the Great (Basilius Magnus), bishop of Caesarea 243 works.
11H(BERNARD) Bernard of Clairvaux, Cistercian monk and abbot 873 works.
11H(BONAVENTURA) Bonaventura, cardinal bishop of Albano and Minister General of the Franciscan Order 925 works.
11H(BRYCHAN) Brychan Brycheiniog 786 works.
11H(BUAN) St Buan, confessor 812 works.
11H(CADOG) St Cadog 1095 works.
11H(CARANNOG) St Carannog 656 works.
11H(CHAD) St Chad 829 works.
11H(CHRISTOPHER) the giant and martyr Christophorus 636 works.
11H(CHRYSANTHUS) St Chrysanthus 1140 works.
11H(COLLEN) St Collen 88 works.
11H(CONSTANTINE) the Roman emperor Constantine the Great 910 works.
11H(CUTHBERT) St Cuthbert 790 works.
11H(CYFELACH) St Cyfelach 774 works.
11H(CYNIDR) St Cynidr 1041 works.
11H(CYNWYL) St Cynwyl 87 works.
11H(DEINIOL) St Deiniol 908 works.
11H(DIGAIN) St Digain 1082 works.
11H(DONAT) St Donat 831 works.
11H(DYFRIG) St Dyfrig, St Dubricius 409 works.
11H(EDWARD) Edward the Confessor (1003x5-1066) 314 works.
11H(ELFAN) St Elfan 965 works.
11H(ELIAN) St Elian 941 works.
11H(EUDDOGWY) St Euddogwy or Oudoceus 1154 works.
11H(FIDELIS) the Franciscan and Capuchin friar and martyr, Fidelis of Sigmaringen 80 works.
11H(GEORGE) the warrior martyr George (Georgius) 18 works.
11H(GERMANUS) St. Germanus of Auxerre 830 works.
11H(GILES) St Giles 1092 works.
11H(GREGORY) pope Gregory the Great; possible attributes: dove, emperor Trajan 1173 works.
11H(GUDWAL) St Gudwal 1007 works.
11H(GWYNHOEDL) St Gwynhoedl 650 works.
11H(HUGH OF LINCOLN) the Carthusian monk and bishop of Lincoln, Hugh (Hugo) 761 works.
11H(IGNATIUS) the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola 639 works.
11H(ISSELL) St Issell, or Usyllt 108 works.
11H(JAMES THE LESS) the apostle James the Less, first bishop of Jerusalem 560 works.
11H(JOHN OF THE CROSS) the Carmelite friar and mystic John of the Cross 107 works.
11H(JOHN THE BAPTIST)2 John the Baptist as a child 36 works.
11H(JOHN)12 St. John the Evangelist writing the Gospel, usually the eagle present 190 works.
11H(JOSEPH) the foster-father of Christ, Joseph of Nazareth; possible attributes: flowering rod or wand, lily, carpenter's tools 258 works.
11H(JUDOC) the hermit Judoc 614 works.
11H(JUSTINIAN) St Justinian 145 works.
11H(LLEUDDAD) St Lleuddad, abbot of Bardsey 1096 works.
11H(LONGINUS) the soldier Longinus (the centurion) of Caesarea 35 works.
11H(LUKE)12 St. Luke writing his gospel, usually a (winged) ox present 852 works.
11H(MADOC) St Madoc 716 works.
11H(MAELOG) St Maelog 1113 works.
11H(MARK) Mark (Marcus) the evangelist, and bishop of Alexandria 415 works.
11H(MARK)121 St. Mark writing the Gospel, Peter present 110 works.
11H(MARTIN)41 St. Martin divides his cloak (i.e. the charity of St. Martin) 33 works.
11H(MATTHEW)12 St. Matthew writing the Gospel, usually the angel present, dictating or assisting him 252 works.
11H(MAURICE) the (negro-)warrior Maurice (Mauritius) of Agaunum, commander of the Theban Legion, and martyr; 119 works.
11H(OSWALD) Oswald, king of Northumbria and martyr 654 works.
11H(PATRICK) St Patrick 69 works.
11H(PAUL)12 St. Paul writing his epistles 645 works.
11H(PEBLIG) St Peblig 70 works.
11H(PETROG) St Petrog 147 works.
11H(POTENTINUS) St Potentinus 1103 works.
11H(RHYCHWYN) St Rhychwyn 911 works.
11H(RICHARD GWYN) Richard Gwyn, Catholic martyr (1536-1584) 912 works.
11H(SANNAN) Senan, bishop and confessor 637 works.
11H(SEIRIOL) St Seiriol 195 works.
11H(SIMEON) Simeon Christophorus (the Just, the Grey) 259 works.
11H(STEPHEN) the deacon and (proto)martyr Stephen 717 works.
11H(SWITHUN) St Swithun 880 works.
11H(TEGWELL) St Tegwell 987 works.
11H(TEILO) St Teilo 610 works.
11H(THOMAS BECKET) the martyr Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury 616 works.
11H(THOMAS) the apostle Thomas 1174 works.
11H(TRILLO) St Trilo 808 works.
11H(TYDECHO) St Tydecho 1033 works.
11H(TYRNOG) St Tyrnog 776 works.

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