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The artworks on this Catalogue are subject indexed using the Iconclass Classification System.


11H(AELHAIARN) St Aelhaiarn 2 works.
11H(AFAN) St Afan 1 work.
11H(ALBAN) St Alban, British Saint and Martyr 11 works.
11H(ALBAN)6 martyrdom, suffering, misfortune, death of St Alban 1 work.
11H(ALOYSIUS GONZAGA) the Jesuit friar Aloysius Gonzaga 1 work.
11H(AMBROSE) Ambrose, bishop of Milan; possible attributes: beehive, cradle with baby, three-knotted scourge 5 works.
11H(ANDREW) the apostle Andrew 16 works.
11H(ANTONY OF PADUA) the Franciscan monk Antony of Padua 4 works.
11H(ANTONY OF PADUA)51 to convince a Jew, St Antony of Padua leads an ass before the chalice and host; the ass kneels down 1 work.
11H(ASAPH) St Asaph 18 works.
11H(AUGUSTINE) Augustine, bishop of Hippo 6 works.
11H(AUGUSTINE)2 early life of St. Augustine 1 work.
11H(BARNABAS) the apostle and martyr Barnabas of Cyprus, first bishop of Milan 9 works.
11H(BARTHOLOMEW) the apostle Bartholomew 2 works.
11H(BASIL THE GREAT) Basil the Great (Basilius Magnus), bishop of Caesarea 2 works.
11H(BENEDICT) Benedict of Nurcia, abbot of Monte Cassino and founder of the Benedictine Order 6 works.
11H(BERNARD) Bernard of Clairvaux, Cistercian monk and abbot 4 works.
11H(BEUNO) St Beuno 7 works.
11H(BONAVENTURA) Bonaventura, cardinal bishop of Albano and Minister General of the Franciscan Order 1 work.
11H(BOTOLPH) St Botolph 1 work.
11H(BRYCHAN) Brychan Brycheiniog 2 works.
11H(BRYNACH) St Brynach 4 works.
11H(BUAN) St Buan, confessor 1 work.
11H(CADFAN) St Cadfan, abbot of Bardsey 4 works.
11H(CADOG) St Cadog 8 works.
11H(CARADOG) St Caradog 1 work.
11H(CARANNOG) St Carannog 3 works.
11H(CENNYDD) St Cennydd 5 works.
11H(CHAD) St Chad 4 works.
11H(CHARLES BORROMEO) Charles Borromeo, cardinal of Milan 2 works.
11H(CHRISTOPHER) the giant and martyr Christophorus 5 works.
11H(CHRISTOPHER)51 St. Christopher, with the infant Christ on his shoulders, wading through the water and carrying his staff (palm-tree) 12 works.
11H(CHRYSANTHUS) St Chrysanthus 1 work.
11H(CLEMENT) Clement I, pope and martyr 2 works.
11H(COLLEN) St Collen 2 works.
11H(COLUMBA) St. Columba 2 works.
11H(CONSTANTINE) the Roman emperor Constantine the Great 1 work.
11H(CURIG) St Curig 1 work.
11H(CUTHBERT) St Cuthbert 1 work.
11H(CYBI) St Cybi 3 works.
11H(CYFELACH) St Cyfelach 1 work.
11H(CYNDEYRN) St Cyndeyrn, or Kentigern 7 works.
11H(CYNIDR) St Cynidr 1 work.
11H(CYNOG) St Cynog 1 work.
11H(CYNWYL) St Cynwyl 1 work.
11H(DAVID) St David 135 works.
11H(DEINIOL) St Deiniol 24 works.
11H(DENYS) St Denys of France 1 work.
11H(DIGAIN) St Digain 1 work.
11H(DOGFAN) St Dogfan 1 work.
11H(DONAT) St Donat 1 work.
11H(DUNAWD) St Dunawd 3 works.
11H(DYFRIG) St Dyfrig, St Dubricius 13 works.
11H(EDMUND) Edmund, king of East Anglia and martyr; possible attributes: arrow, bear, cross, crown, sceptre 6 works.
11H(EDWARD) Edward the Confessor (1003x5-1066) 3 works.
11H(EDWARD)511 St. Edward the Confessor gives his ring to St. John the Evangelist, who is disguised as a beggar 1 work.
11H(ELFAN) St Elfan 3 works.
11H(ELFOD) St Elfod (Elbotus) 2 works.
11H(ELIAN) St Elian 1 work.
11H(ELIDAN) St Elidan 1 work.
11H(EUDDOGWY) St Euddogwy or Oudoceus 1 work.
11H(EUSTACE) Roman soldier and hunter Eustace (Eustachius, Eustathius) 1 work.
11H(FIDELIS) the Franciscan and Capuchin friar and martyr, Fidelis of Sigmaringen 1 work.
11H(FRANCIS) founder of the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans), Francis(cus) of Assisi 33 works.
11H(GEORGE) the warrior martyr George (Georgius) 45 works.
11H(GEORGE)41 St. George and the dragon 16 works.
11H(GERMANUS) St. Germanus of Auxerre 5 works.
11H(GILDAS) St Gildas 4 works.
11H(GILES) St Giles 1 work.
11H(GREGORY THE ENLIGHTENER) Gregory the Enlightener, or Illuminator, apostle of Armenia 1 work.
11H(GREGORY) pope Gregory the Great; possible attributes: dove, emperor Trajan 3 works.
11H(GREGORY)51 the mass of St Gregory the Great: Christ appears above the altar with the instruments of the Passion; maybe blood spouts from Christ's side 1 work.
11H(GUDWAL) St Gudwal 1 work.
11H(GWYNAN) St Gwynan 2 works.
11H(GWYNHOEDL) St Gwynhoedl 1 work.
11H(GWYNLLYW) St Gwynllyw 4 works.
11H(HUGH OF LINCOLN) the Carthusian monk and bishop of Lincoln, Hugh (Hugo) 2 works.
11H(IDLOES) St Idloes 1 work.
11H(IGNATIUS) the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola 1 work.
11H(ILLTUD) St Illtud 20 works.
11H(ISSELL) St Issell, or Usyllt 1 work.
11H(JAMES THE GREAT) the apostle James the Great 16 works.
11H(JAMES THE LESS) the apostle James the Less, first bishop of Jerusalem 1 work.
11H(JEROME) the monk and hermit Jerome (Hieronymus) 3 works.
11H(JOHN OF THE CROSS) the Carmelite friar and mystic John of the Cross 1 work.
11H(JOHN THE BAPTIST) John the Baptist 40 works.
11H(JOHN THE BAPTIST)2 John the Baptist as a child 8 works.
11H(JOHN) the apostle John the Evangelist 87 works.
11H(JOHN)12 St. John the Evangelist writing the Gospel, usually the eagle present 3 works.
11H(JOSEPH OF ARIMATHAEA) the Jewish councillor Joseph of Arimathaea 5 works.
11H(JOSEPH) the foster-father of Christ, Joseph of Nazareth; possible attributes: flowering rod or wand, lily, carpenter's tools 7 works.
11H(JUDE THADDAEUS) the apostle Jude Thaddaeus; possible attributes: book, club, halberd, scroll 4 works.
11H(JUDOC) the hermit Judoc 1 work.
11H(JULIAN) Julian the Hospitaller (Julian(us) Hospitator) 2 works.
11H(JUSTINIAN) St Justinian 1 work.
11H(LAURENCE) the martyr and deacon Laurence of Rome; possible attributes: book, censer, cross, dalmatic, gridiron, palm, purse (or cup with golden coins) 2 works.
11H(LLEUDDAD) St Lleuddad, abbot of Bardsey 1 work.
11H(LLWCHAIARN) St Llwchaiarn 1 work.
11H(LONGINUS) the soldier Longinus (the centurion) of Caesarea 2 works.
11H(LUKE) Luke the evangelist 30 works.
11H(LUKE)12 St. Luke writing his gospel, usually a (winged) ox present 1 work.
11H(LUKE)121 St. Luke writing his gospel, St. Paul present 2 works.
11H(MADOC) St Madoc 1 work.
11H(MAEL) St Mael 1 work.
11H(MAELOG) St Maelog 1 work.
11H(MAGLORIUS) St Maglorius 1 work.
11H(MARK) Mark (Marcus) the evangelist, and bishop of Alexandria 7 works.
11H(MARK)12 St. Mark the evangelist writing the Gospel, usually a (winged) lion present 1 work.
11H(MARK)121 St. Mark writing the Gospel, Peter present 1 work.
11H(MARTIN) Martin(us), bishop of Tours 15 works.
11H(MARTIN)41 St. Martin divides his cloak (i.e. the charity of St. Martin) 10 works.
11H(MATTHEW) the apostle and evangelist Matthew (Mattheus) 8 works.
11H(MATTHEW)12 St. Matthew writing the Gospel, usually the angel present, dictating or assisting him 5 works.
11H(MATTHIAS) the apostle and martyr Matthias; possible attributes: axe, book, cross, halberd, scroll, sword 3 works.
11H(MAURICE) the (negro-)warrior Maurice (Mauritius) of Agaunum, commander of the Theban Legion, and martyr; 4 works.
11H(NICHOLAS) the bishop Nicholas of Myra (or Bari) 20 works.
11H(OSWALD) Oswald, king of Northumbria and martyr 5 works.
11H(PADARN) St Padarn 8 works.
11H(PATRICK) St Patrick 14 works.
11H(PAUL) the apostle Paul of Tarsus 55 works.
11H(PAUL)12 St. Paul writing his epistles 1 work.
11H(PAULINUS) St Paulinus 4 works.
11H(PEBLIG) St Peblig 1 work.
11H(PERIS) St Peris 1 work.
11H(PETER) the apostle Peter, first bishop of Rome 70 works.
11H(PETROG) St Petrog 2 works.
11H(PHILIP) the apostle Philip; possible attributes: book, cross, dish with snake, lance, scroll, stone, sword 3 works.
11H(POTENTINUS) St Potentinus 1 work.
11H(PUDENS) Pudens - early Roman Christian 1 work.
11H(RHIDIAN) St Rhidian 1 work.
11H(RHYCHWYN) St Rhychwyn 1 work.
11H(RHYSTUD) St Rhystud 1 work.
11H(RICHARD GWYN) Richard Gwyn, Catholic martyr (1536-1584) 1 work.
11H(SAMSON) St Samson 1 work.
11H(SANNAN) Senan, bishop and confessor 2 works.
11H(SEBASTIAN)621 St. Sebastian pierced by arrows, the archers visible - martyrdom of Sebastian 1 work.
11H(SEIRIOL) St Seiriol 9 works.
11H(SILAS) Silas 1 work.
11H(SIMEON) Simeon Christophorus (the Just, the Grey) 2 works.
11H(SIMON) the apostle Simon Zelotes (or Simon the Canaanite); possible attributes: book, saw, scroll 3 works.
11H(STEPHEN) the deacon and (proto)martyr Stephen 19 works.
11H(SULIEN) St Sulien 1 work.
11H(SWITHUN) St Swithun 1 work.
11H(TADIOC) St Tadioc 1 work.
11H(TEGWELL) St Tegwell 1 work.
11H(TEGWYN) St Tegwyn 1 work.
11H(TEILO) St Teilo 19 works.
11H(THEODORE) St Theodore 3 works.
11H(THOMAS BECKET) the martyr Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury 3 works.
11H(THOMAS BECKET)68 before the altar St Thomas Becket is killed with a sword by four assassins (knights) 4 works.
11H(THOMAS) the apostle Thomas 4 works.
11H(TIMOTHY)2 Timothy - early life of male saint 2 works.
11H(TRILLO) St Trilo 1 work.
11H(TWROG) St Twrog 1 work.
11H(TYDECHO) St Tydecho 2 works.
11H(TYDECHO)6 martyrdom, suffering, misfortune, death of St. Tydecho 1 work.
11H(TYRNOG) St Tyrnog 1 work.
11H(TYSILIO) St Tysilio 3 works.
11H(VALENTINE) St Valentine 1 work.

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