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73C7 Christ as teacher (part I): explaining his doctrine; teaching ~ parables and proverbs

73C7111 calling of Peter and Andrew 5 works.
73C7112 calling of Peter and Andrew; they are called away from their fishing-boat 11 works.
73C7113 calling of the apostles James and John, the sons of Zebedee 2 works.
73C7114 calling of Philip and Nathanael (Bartholomew) 2 works.
73C71143 Nathanael meets Christ - calling of Philip and Nathanael (Bartholomew) 1 work.
73C7115 calling of Matthew (Levi), the tax-collector (usually with money lying on the table and people paying taxes) 4 works.
73C7124 Christ asking the apostles: 'whom do men say that I am?' - Peter confesses Jesus to be the Christ, Christ gives the keys of heaven to Peter, Christ rebuking Peter 1 work.
73C71242 Christ gives the keys of heaven to Peter 2 works.
73C713 the Transfiguration: Moses and Elijah appear on either side of Christ on Mount Tabor 22 works.
73C721311 Christ calls a child and sets it in the midst of the apostles (disciples): 'unless you ... become like children' 4 works.
73C7216 Christ talking with Nicodemus at night 4 works.
73C72212 Christ and the woman of Samaria: sitting at Jacob's well he asks her for a drink from her jug 6 works.
73C72213 Christ's disciples returning from Sychar - Christ and the woman of Samaria 1 work.
73C72215 Christ refuses to eat meat - the woman of Samaria 1 work.
73C7223 Christ in the house of Martha and Mary 8 works.
73C72231 Martha serving or preparing food in the kitchen; Mary sits at Christ's feet, listening - Christ in the house of Martha and Mary 5 works.
73C72231*A Mary sits at Christ's feet, listening - Christ in the house of Martha and Mary 3 works.
73C72232 Martha complains to Christ about Mary - Christ in the house of Martha and Mary 3 works.
73C72233 Christ's answer to Martha who complains about Mary: 'Mary has chosen the good portion ...' - Christ in the house of Martha and Mary 5 works.
73C7224 Christ blessing children brought by their mothers 95 works.
73C7231 Christ sought by his mother and brothers 1 work.
73C7242 Christ urges a rich young man (a certain ruler), who is kneeling before him, to seek perfection 1 work.
73C7244 rejection of Christ's preaching in Nazareth: 'a prophet is not without honour except in his own country ...' 1 work.
73C72473 Christ in the temple in debate with Pharisees about the tribute to Caesar - Christ explaining his doctrine 1 work.
73C72621 a woman washes Christ's feet with her tears, and wipes them with her hair 13 works.
73C727 Christ's sermon on the mount 4 works.
73C73 Christ preaching or teaching (in general) 22 works.
73C7443 'consider the lilies of the field' ~ doctrine of Christ on anxiety and precaution 5 works.
73C7461 seek the Kingdom of Heaven - doctrine of Christ (Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31) 1 work.
73C7471 'I am the light of the world' - sayings of Christ 50 works.
73C7472 'I am the bread of life' - sayings of Christ 5 works.
73C7473 'I am the true vine' - sayings of Christ 5 works.
73C7474 'I am the way and the truth and the life' ~ sayings of Christ 1 work.
73C7478 'Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden' - sayings of Christ 8 works.
73C762 speeches of Christ against scribes and Pharisees - woes and curses of Christ 1 work.
73C771 beatitudes of the sermon on the mount 7 works.

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