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The artworks on this Catalogue are subject indexed using the Iconclass Classification System.

11I6 persons from the Old Testament (not in biblical context, nor occurring in legendary/historical extensions included in Division 71)

11I61121 the twelve tribes of Israel (not in biblical context) 4 works.
11I62(AARON) Aaron (not in biblical context) 7 works.
11I62(ABRAHAM) Abraham (not in biblical context) 8 works.
11I62(ADAM) Adam (not in biblical context) 1 work.
11I62(AMOS) the prophet Amos (not in biblical context) 1 work.
11I62(ASAPH) Asaph the psalmist 1 work.
11I62(DANIEL) Daniel (not in biblical context) 12 works.
11I62(DAVID) David (not in biblical context); possible attributes: crown, harp 15 works.
11I62(DAVID)3*A David as a refugee in the wilderness 1 work.
11I62(DAVID)32 David as musician, usually playing the harp 34 works.
11I62(ELI) Eli 1 work.
11I62(ELIJAH) Elijah (not in biblical context) 2 works.
11I62(EZEKIEL) Ezekiel (not in biblical context) 11 works.
11I62(GIDEON) Gideon (not in biblical context) 2 works.
11I62(HOSEA) the prophet Hosea (not in biblical context) 3 works.
11I62(ISAAC) Isaac 4 works.
11I62(ISAIAH) the prophet Isaiah (not in biblical context) 30 works.
11I62(JACOB) Jacob (not in biblical context) 2 works.
11I62(JEREMIAH) the prophet Jeremiah (not in biblical context) 10 works.
11I62(JESSE) Jesse - father of David 3 works.
11I62(JOB) Job 2 works.
11I62(JOEL) the prophet Joel (not in biblical context) 1 work.
11I62(JONATHAN) Jonathan 4 works.
11I62(JOSHUA) Joshua 6 works.
11I62(MALACHI) the prophet Malachi (not in biblical context) 2 works.
11I62(MELCHIZEDEK) Melchizedek (not in biblical context); possible attributes: priestly garments, crown or mitre 2 works.
11I62(MICAH) the prophet Micah (not in biblical context) 2 works.
11I62(MOSES) Moses (not in biblical context) 33 works.
11I62(NATHAN) Nathan (not in biblical context) 1 work.
11I62(NEHEMIAH) Nehemiah 1 work.
11I62(NOAH) Noah (not in biblical context) 5 works.
11I62(REHOBOAM) Rehoboam, king of Judah 2 works.
11I62(SAMSON) Samson 1 work.
11I62(SAMUEL) Samuel 5 works.
11I62(SOLOMON) Solomon (not in biblical context); possible attributes of Solomon: crown, sceptre, sword 11 works.
11I62(ZADOK) Zadok (not in biblical context) 1 work.
11I62(ZECHARIAH) the prophet Zechariah (not in biblical context) 5 works.
11I63(BATHSHEBA) Bathsheba (not in biblical context) 1 work.
11I63(HANNAH) Hannah 3 works.
11I63(JOCHEBED) Jochebed, the mother of Moses 1 work.
11I63(MIRIAM) Miriam 1 work.
11I63(NAOMI) Naomi, mother-in-law to Ruth 1 work.
11I63(RUTH) Ruth 2 works.

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