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The Raising of Lazarus and Christ Healing Peter's Mother-in-law

  The Raising of Lazarus and Christ Healing Peter's Mother-in-law

Photo © Martin Crampin

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c. 1520

Single light with two scenes. Above Lazarus is shown being helped out of his grave clothes among a group including Christ. A scene behind shows Christ arriving at Bethany, depicted as a walled city. A simpler scene below shows Christ with Peter and another figure at the bedside of a woman lying in bed.

Church of St Gwenllwyfo, Dulas, Anglesey
north wall of the chancel (window number: nII)

The upper scene was attributed to the Master of the Mass of St Gregory by Hilary Wayment, and has close affinities with many of the other panels at the church.

The lower scene is illustrated in Timothy Husband, The Luminous Image (1995) in his discussion of the work of a group of works attributed to the Pseudo-Ortkens Group. Recognising a similarity with this group of works and that of Valentijn van Orley (about 1459-1521, father of Bernaert van Orley, on whose design the scene in the church showing the Mocking of Christ is based), Husband suggests that this lower scene was similar to the ealier work of the elder van Orley workshop, and dated it to about 1500. Hilary Wayment tentatively attributed the same scene to Cornelius Rambuicht of Brussels, dating it around 1519-20, because of its affinities with a panel signed 'Cornelius' at Prittlewell, which has some affinities.

Although both scenes may have been cut down to fit the aperture of the window, the small remaining piece of framing at the top right of the lower panel demonstrates this very clearly.

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The Raising of Lazarus: The Raising of Lazarus and Christ Healing Peter's Mother-in-lawChrist Healing Peter's Mother-in-law: The Raising of Lazarus and Christ Healing Peter's Mother-in-law

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  The Raising of Lazarus and Christ Healing Peter's Mother-in-law

Photo © Martin Crampin

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