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The Mocking of Christ

  The Mocking of Christ

Photo © Martin Crampin

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probably early 1520s

Seated figure of Christ being mocked and spat upon. One figure pulls at his hair, and an armoured soldier is shown behind in profile. A scene in the background shows Peter with the servant girl as he denies Christ, a cock in the foreground. Figure above with a scroll.

designer: Bernaert van Orley

Church of St Gwenllwyfo, Dulas, Anglesey
south wall of the nave (window number: nV)

A section of glass set immediately above the main scene, perhaps originally the throne on which Christ is seated in the scene depicting him in the house of a pharisee, carries the date 1522, but although this does not date the main panel here, it has been dated at around that time. Hilary Wayment went further and attributed the design to Barent (Bernard) van Orley at the time when he was working with Peter Coecke in the early 1520s. J.O. Hughes wrote of a design for the panel surviving in a museum in Brussels.

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The Mocking of Christ

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User contributed comments

The crowing cock is referenced as Chapter 27 verses 74-75. It should read Chapter 26
Submitted by: john mordant (2019-11-08 11:12:24)
Editor's response: Thank you for taking the trouble to spot this mistake. At least we got it correct in the book on the glass.

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  The Mocking of Christ

Photo © Martin Crampin

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