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Scenes from the Life of Christ

  Scenes from the Life of Christ

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mainly early sixteenth century

Three-light window. The central light depicts Christ crucified between the two thieves with a landscape below, and a lower panel contains the arrest of Christ surrounded by soldiers with spears and lanterns, while Peter strikes Malchus with his sword. The Crucifixion is flanked by Christ before his judges and meeting Veronica while carrying the cross to Golgotha. The Magi are shown with the Virgin and Child in the lower left, and the return from Egypt is shown in the lower right. In the upper cinquefoil Charles V is depicted with Pope Adrian VI, together with further groups of courtiers and ladies. Angels are shown above and the twelve apostles around the edges. There is also a small scene depicting the Trinity at the apex of the central light.

Church of St Gwenllwyfo, Dulas, Anglesey
east wall of the chancel (window number: I)

Much of the glass in the tracery lights is thought to have come from the memorial chapel of Pope Adrian VI at the Pope's College, Leuven (Louvain), probably commissioned by Charles V, and could date to about 1524 (Adrian VI died in September 1523). Both Adrian and Charles are depicted together. These remains were attributed to Peter van den Houte by Hilary Wayment.

The Return from Egypt and Christ with Veronica were probably originally part of the typological sequence in the Great Cloister of the Charterhouse, Leuven, and in these cases their Old Testament types both survive, both at the Cleveland Museum of Art. These panels are Jacob Returning to Canaan (antitype, Return from Egypt) and Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath (antitype, Veronica).

Other panels may be of a similar date, but the use of coloured enamels in the depiction of the arrest of Christ suggests a date for this scene in the late sixteenth century, or more probably the early seventeenth century.

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  Scenes from the Life of Christ

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