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Christ Calling Peter and Andrew

  Christ Calling Peter and Andrew

Photo © Martin Crampin, Imaging the Bible in Wales

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Two-light window. Christ in the left-hand light gestures to Peter and Andrew in the right. A cockerel is shown at the apex of the window.

Church of St Peter, Marloes, Pembrokeshire
south wall of the nave

Given in memory of Grace Elizabeth Lady Kensington. Erected by the parishioners of Marloes and St Brides Easter 1911. The Kensingtons were patrons of the church nearby at St Brides, which was located within sight of their home at St Brides Castle.

The poses would indicate a composite reading of the gospel narratives. Jesus' gesture suggests Matthew 4:19, the 'follow me' to Peter and Andrew. However, Peter kneeling suggests Luke 5:8, when Peter falls at Jesus' feet after the miraculous draught of fishes, and immediately before (verse 9) when Jesus calls him to the apostolate.

Furthermore, the poses of Christ and Peter are reminiscent of the usual depiction of the calling of Peter after the Resurrection, when Christ exhorts Peter to 'feed my sheep'. In these depictions it is often John, usually as a young man, who is shown standing behind Peter. The use of the cockerel in the upper part of the window is representative of Peter's denial of Christ, which is resolved in the final chapter of John's gospel.

It is interesting to note that the artist has chosen to depict the two Galilean fishermen as mature if not elderly men, which does not accord with the impression given in the gospels, where, admittedly, no direct indication is given of the chosen apostles' age, apart from the fact that Peter's mother-in-law was still alive (Mark 1:30-1).

Record added by Martin Crampin, Additional contribution by John Morgan-Guy. Last updated on 04-05-2016


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Christ Calling Peter and AndrewChrist Calling Peter and AndrewChrist Calling Peter and Andrew

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  Christ Calling Peter and Andrew

Photo © Martin Crampin, Imaging the Bible in Wales

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