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The artworks on this Catalogue are subject indexed using the Iconclass Classification System.


11HH(AGNES) the virgin martyr Agnes of Rome; possible attributes: lamb, ring 10 works.
11HH(AGNES)63 an angel brings St Agnes a white cloak (or surrounds her with a shining light) 1 work.
11HH(AGNES)65 St Agnes tied to the stake remains unharmed; the executioners are consumed by the fire 1 work.
11HH(ANNA THE PROPHETESS) Anna (prophetess) 7 works.
11HH(ANNA) Anna, mother of Mary; possible attributes: book, Christ-child, lily, Virgin Mary 9 works.
11HH(APOLLONIA) the virgin martyr Apollonia of Alexandria 2 works.
11HH(BARBARA) the virgin martyr Barbara 5 works.
11HH(BRIGID) the abbess of Kildare, Brigid (Bridget) of Ireland 8 works.
11HH(CAIN) St Cain 2 works.
11HH(CATHERINE OF SIENA) the virgin and Dominican Tertiary, Catherine of Siena 3 works.
11HH(CATHERINE) the virgin martyr Catherine of Alexandria 22 works.
11HH(CATHERINE)34 the mystic marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria with the infant Christ: the Christ-child puts a ring on her finger 2 works.
11HH(CATHERINE)68 St Catherine of Alexandria is beheaded 1 work.
11HH(CECILIA) the virgin martyr Cecilia of Rome 40 works.
11HH(CEINWEN) St Ceinwen 1 work.
11HH(CLARE) the virgin and foundress of the Order of Minoresses (or Poor Clares), Clare of Assisi 2 works.
11HH(CLAUDIA RUFINA) Claudia Rufina - British princess and early Roman Christian 1 work.
11HH(DOROTHEA) the virgin martyr Dorothea of Caesarea 5 works.
11HH(EILIWEDD) the virgin martyr Eliwedd, Alud or Almedha 1 work.
11HH(ELISABETH OF HUNGARY) St Elisabeth of Hungary - the wife and widow of the Landgrave of Thuringia, and Franciscan Tertiary 6 works.
11HH(ELIZABETH) Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist 21 works.
11HH(ELLI) St Elli 1 work.
11HH(EMILY) St Emily 1 work.
11HH(ERFYL) St Erfyl 1 work.
11HH(EUNICE) Eunice, mother of Timothy 2 works.
11HH(FRANCES) the widow and foundress of the Oblates of Tor de' Specchi, Frances of Rome (Francesca Romana) 3 works.
11HH(FRIDESWIDE) St Frideswide 1 work.
11HH(GERTRUDE OF NIVELLES) the abbess Gertrude of Nivelles; possible attributes: book, pastoral staff, crown, cup, demon, mouse or mice, model of church or hospital, palm, (healing) well 1 work.
11HH(GERTRUDE) the Cistercian nun (and abbess) Gertrude the Great of Helfta 1 work.
11HH(GWENDOLINE) St Gwendoline 1 work.
11HH(GWENOG) St Gwenog 1 work.
11HH(GWLADYS) St Gwladys 4 works.
11HH(HELEN) St Helen 5 works.
11HH(HILDA) St Hilda 4 works.
11HH(JOAN OF ARC) Joan of Arc 3 works.
11HH(LLYR) St Llyr 1 work.
11HH(LUCY) the virgin martyr Lucy (Lucia) of Syracuse 1 work.
11HH(LYDIA) Lydia, seller of purple 3 works.
11HH(MACHES) St Maches 1 work.
11HH(MARCHELL) St Marchell 2 works.
11HH(MARGARET OF SCOTLAND) Margaret of Scotland 7 works.
11HH(MARGARET) the virgin martyr Margaret of Antioch 12 works.
11HH(MARTHA) the patroness of housewives, Martha of Bethany; possible attributes: aspergillum, broom, bunch of keys, dragon, ladle 3 works.
11HH(MARY CLEOPHAS) Mary Cleophas 1 work.
11HH(MARY MAGDALENE OF FLORENCE) Mary Magdalene of Florence 1 work.
11HH(MARY MAGDALENE) the penitent harlot Mary Magdalene 17 works.
11HH(MELANGELL) St Melangell 1 work.
11HH(MONICA) St Monica 1 work.
11HH(NON) St Non 7 works.
11HH(PRASSEDES) St Prassedes 1 work.
11HH(PUDENTIANA) St Pudentiana 1 work.
11HH(THERESA) the foundress of the reformed (Discalced) Carmelites, Theresa of Avila; possible attributes: angel, arrow, dove, heart (flaming or pierced by an arrow) 2 works.
11HH(THERESE) St Therese of Lisieux 2 works.
11HH(TUDFUL) St Tudful 5 works.
11HH(URSULA) St Ursula 1 work.
11HH(WINEFRIDE) St Winefride, St Gwenfrewy 16 works.

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